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The Mosquito Mist Away System Kills or Repels: Mosquitoes Spiders Flies Ticks Fleas Roaches Wasps Gnats

Where It Works

Houston Mosquito Control Systems can help you control insects around your home, office, near livestock and/or vegetation, outdoor event, favorite outdoor vacation spot, and more. Help protect your family, loved ones, guests or employees from diseases today with a Mosquito Mist Away System. Contact us for a free estimate or to learn more about the prevention of West Nile and other insect related diseases.

How the System Works

Our well trained technicians will custom design a system to meet the needs of your home, business, outdoor event, wedding, party and much more.

Protect your family, friends and love ones from pests and diseases.

The Mosquito Mist Away System utilizes a reservoir, pump and motor, automated timer, ΒΌ" nylon tubing, and specialized nozzles. The reservoir can be placed in the garage, a shed or outside your house. The reservoir is filled with pyrethrum or cedar pyrethrum insecticide.

The 1/4" nylon tubing is attached under the eaves of your home, around your fence line, in trees and even in flowerbeds to make a complete protective barrier in your yard. The tubing can be painted to match the existing color of your eaves.

The nozzles are installed in the tubing, approximately 10 to 15 feet apart depending on the design of your structure. At the times you designate on the automatic timer, the pump and motor force the insecticide through the tubing and out the specialized nozzles.

A fine mist of insecticide is emitted from the nozzles. You can set the automatic timer so the system will come on at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes and other biting insects are most active. Since the insecticide biodegrades quickly, there will be no residue during the day that could harm butterflies or other friendly daytime insects. You may want to consider a rain sensor as well.

The unit plugs into a 110 outlet and requires no special plumbing. The insecticide kills and/or repels all insects, including mosquitoes - guaranteed.

Refills of insecticide concentrate come in 1-gallon bottles. You simply pour it into the reservoir and continue filling the reservoir to the top with a water hose. We can ship or deliver your refills, or you can pick them up at our office.

Used as directed, our insecticide is considered low in toxicity to mammals. Botanical Pyrethrum insecticides have been used in agricultural and equine applications for a quarter century. To our knowledge there is not a more reliable or effective product available for mosquito and insect control.

Key Features and Must Haves

  • Pre Spray Complete Agitation
  • 3 Stage Remote w/skip Feature
  • Battery Backup
  • Gigital Controller
  • Level Indicator
  • 250psi or more
  • Zone Kits for Larger Properties

A different kind of pest control for homes, patios, swimming pools, decks and other areas.

Mosquito Systems Around Pools You are investing a great deal of money on your home. Invest in a Houston Mosquito Control Systems Mosquito Mist Away System to make your home mosquito and insect free and the home you always dreamed of.

Install Mosquito System During Construction

The system can be installed while your home is under construction or anytime after the home is completed. If the Mosquito Mist Away System is installed during construction, we are able to hide the nylon tubing inside the soffits.

If the installation of the system is done during the construction of your home, we will coordinate with your builder to make the process hassle free for you.